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Animal Success Stories

Mikey has his own success story. Though it is not complete. He was found after being hit by an automobile and left for dead. Some good Samaritans helped him. He was taken to the shelter. We were able to pull him with a foster. He had a shattered keg and broken tail. He also developed the deadly virus going around the Ft Worth area. He was taken and treated by Nederland Vet centers . Through all of the traumatic experiences. He has remained a happy go lucky boy. He has 2 last surgeries to complete his medical journey. Then he will be ready for his own family. He gets very excited and we are working on not jumping.

It is our belief that every dog we save is a success story.

Our greater achievement will always be going beyond saving the animal. To matching that animal with their perfect family. 

We love receiving updates from our adopters and have had more return to adopt their new family member with us. Check us out on FB to see our frequent updates. Samsons Justice. We are on Twitter and Instagram also. 

Are you ready to add a new family member. Ask us about our many programs and discounts.

As always we welcome all military. And waive adoption fees for military. 

All animals come fully vetted, spayed/neutered, microchipped, heartworm and flea preventive.

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Falcor and his adopter Eugene needs our help. Falcor needs to be trained and taught manners. We have a fantastic rehabber in Houston who will give us a reduced fee. We believe as the rescue it is our responsibility to help Falcor stay in his furever home. But we can not help them without your help.


Ryder is adopted! A you g military couple adopted him through our foster to adopt program. We waived all adoption fees . We also provided 6 months of nexgard and heartgard plus and enough food for a few weeks. Thank you to our military families. Thank you fosters and adopters!! Happy tails Ryder. This time furever


Amos has found his happy furever!!!

From death row to his best life in Canada. You may remember we saved this boy from Corpus Christi, TX. He was a cruelty case. Had lived his entire life on a chain. A neighbor noticed something was wrong with his paw. The owners would not acknowledge the neighbor when she tried to help the dog. Finally, she called animal control. The back paw was degloved and had to be amputated. He had a wonderful foster. 

He was adopted twice. Both of these adoptions failed. Then we received word from our sister rescue in Canada. They had an application in. The first application was denied. But then the second application went through. Amos for sure found the perfect match. He is head over heels in live with his owners. And they are with him.  


Rocky was saved from CCACS Texas. He was scheduled to fly out to his foster in Colorado. Sherry Taggert not only offered to fly him to meet ground transport. She also agreed to foster him for 3 days. Well this good looking fella found his furever home. Right there on Sherrys ranch!!!

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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Thank you so much. Sincerely: Puppy Kisses and Tail Wags: JFSAR