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Abandoned with injuries -- Wednesday December 1st, 2021

Say hi to Rocky. Ricky is the sweetest boy ever. Unfortunately, he was involved in a hit and run. Left to die in the middle of the road. A good samaritan called and made a report. Rocky was taken to the local animal control. He was only given 24 hrs. The animal control team reached out to rescues with a plea to help him. Their facility is not equipped. JFSAR stepped up to save his life. He got his freedom ride On Wed. On Thursday he was taken to the vet. Rocky has a possible broken back. Neurological issues. And chemical burns. He's alive and has a plan. Rocky received a steroid injection in his back. He is on Tramadol 2x a day. And anti biotics. We have to wait for the swelling to go down. Then Rocky will have x rays to check his pelvic. And an MRI. He still needs a heartworm test and his vaccinations.

Clear the shelters -- Saturday August 1st, 2020

Please consider donating through the Clear the shelters campaign. Beginning Aug. 1, 2020. Greater good will match raised funds. This is a great opportunity for the rescue as well as the community of people that support us. As always your donation is tax deductable. Justice for Samson is trying to grow. We would like to increase our intake numbers as well as our adoption platform. In order for this to happen we need funds to purchase land, more kennels and buildings. Maybe even a transport vehicle to take more dogs to adoption events. If you would prefer to donate items in place of dollars. Feel free to contact us: 830-265-2533 text only Won't you please consider helping our rescue dreams come to life? Just click the link below:!/donation/checkout?designation=144742&utm_source=ggo-cts-shelter-partner&utm_medium=ggo-ggopartner&utm_campaign=clear-the-shelters-fund

Coronavirus 2020 -- Friday March 20th, 2020

 The situation at the kill shelters in our area is critical. Dogs are being dumped and abandoned faster than rescues can save them. Worse, our adoption events have been canceled because of the Coronavirus. We need cash donations, resource donations, and foster homes to continue to save lives. We need your help.


Thank you so much. Sincerely: Puppy Kisses and Tail Wags: JFSAR