Saving one paw at a time. Educating the public through adoption events.

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Prepared by: Lorelei Brandon 5026 W FM 624 Orange Grove, TX 78372 830-265-2533 1. Executive Summary Justice for Samson Animal Rescue(referred to from hereon in as the “company”)was established as a Non-profit Corporation at 5026 W FM 624 ,Orange Grove,TX 78332 with the expectation of rapid expansion in the animal welfare, Animal Advocacy, Animal care and rehabilitation, Animal adoption industry. Business Description

The company was formed on 12/18/2018 as Non- profit Corporation under Texas State law and headed by Lorelei Brandon. Associates degree in Business Management

Over 20 years re homing lost animals

5 years Veterinary Technician

Passion for being a voice to the voiceless

2017 found us moving forward from fostering animals for other rescues to opening a rescue. 2018 the company became a DBA Non profit registered in Wilson County, TX

2018 the company became a Texas State tax exempt Non-profit sole proprietor

2018 the company became a Federal 501c3 Non profit organization

Business Mission:

Our mission is to save unwanted animals. We are committed to more than just saving animals. Our goal is dedicated to the communities on the importance of vaccinating, spay/neuter, microchipping and preventive. Such as flea/tick and heartworm prevention. We aim to help our communities with low cost vet clinics. We believe that through education and affordable vet clinics. We will decrease the number of pets in shelters and wandering the streets.

New Service :The company is prepared to introduce the following service to the market: Being a voice for the voiceless; saving animals from the . Streets -hi ways, and by ways. Saving animals from euthanization in shelters

Providing temporary shelter and care for animals

Helping communities with the care of their animals

Providing the public with resources Hosting adoption events Fundraising II.

Business Summary:

Industry Overview In the United States, according to statistics from pet adoption agency’s such as Adopt A Pet, shelter animals count, etc 977,202 pets were adopted in 2021. Nearly 1 million pets adopted in 2021. Research shows that consumers in this industry primarily focus on the following factors when making decisions: Approximately 4.1 million shelter animals are adopted each year. 2 million dogs 2.1 million cats 810,000 are returned to owners.

Business Goals and Objectives Short term: Our primary goals have been accomplished. We are an established non profit rescue organization. We are ready to move forward to phase 2 of our short term goal by purchasing land. Now we need help with sponsors to help us build the rescue.

That will serve to better accommodate the care of the animals. A place where the community can come for resources A place where we can host adoption events and fundraisers

Buildings to accommodate our live intake.  Kennels and fencing to provide a safe habitat and environment while in transition. Dog houses to accommodate any outside shelter.

Fencing to provide safe play areas.

Vetting for live intake animals.

 Animal toys and mind teasers.

Used furniture such as couches and chairs for training purposes. Our short term goal is to find acreage to begin building a safe environment for the animals.. As well as their care and comfort.

Long term: In 5 years,we hope to have a fully functioning low cost veterinary clinic. We hope to achieve this goal by obtaining a building that we can set up with the necessary medical supplies for a spay and neuter clinic. I.e.: stainless steel cages, tables as well as the necessary operating supplies. Once we set up we hope to find volunteer vets willing to donate a few hours a week.

In ten years, we hope to hire our own vet staff.

Legal issues The company affirms that it’s promoters have acquired all legally registered trademarks and patents.

Thank you so much. Sincerely: Puppy Kisses and Tail Wags: JFSAR