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We helped Stella cross over the rainbow bridge July 11, 2023. She let me know she was ready. She showered me and all of the vet staff with many kisses and hugs. She knew her struggle was over. And now she is flying free .

Stella was found on the streets of Houston TX in 2021.She had been over bred, puppies sold, and only 4 back teeth. A foster was found and we were contacted. We agreed to take her 8nto the rescue after 30 days. She came to us fully vetted and spayed. She was very dog reactive. Therefore we made her 9nl6 dog in home. She had no teeth to defend herself . Fast forward to present. She is dog friendly. In fact has a bff named Lucy. Stella is the sweetest dog you will meet. Memorial weekend found us at the vet. She had stopped eating her beloved milk bone. We knew something was wrong. Our primary vet ran blood work. He suggested she be hospitalized. OGVC does not hospitalize. He recommended a wonderful Clinic in Alice TX. Wilkinson Vet clinic. Though they do not offer er services. And it was a holiday. He agreed to hospitalize Stella. Once he looked over the vet work and saw her. He asked if he could run a urinalysis. That is when he discovered she was in Kidney failure. He believed she had a chance. But he would need 2200.00 down. I had 900 in my savings. I had already paid over 200 to my vet. I paid what I had and was given till 8 am Sat to come up with the remaining 2200.00. I went to fundraising immediately. If she had a chance. We would give her that chance. We would fight beside her. On Sunday she got to come home. She would not eat. Dr Sam thought maybe if she was home she would eat It has been 1 week today. She is on 8 different meds. We bought her special treats for renal failure. We bought her Royal Canin Renal support. Some days she likes it. Other days she only wants chicken n rice. She even ate some Purina kibble one day. And stole a chew bone from another dog. She is content and happy. I am spending a lot of time with her We have made the decision when she gets to stage 3. We will let her run free. I do not want her to suffer. I'm sure she will let me know when it's time. See her journey through our pictures and videos If you would like to honor Stella with a donation. See the donation page or below Mail in Justice for Samson 5026 W FM 624 Orange Grove TX 78372 PayPal email Venmo @JFSAR Cash app $ JFSAR Zelle 8302652533

Thank you so much. Sincerely: Puppy Kisses and Tail Wags: JFSAR