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 Help These Unwanted Dogs Heal from Their Trauma & Find the Happiness They Deserve

Justice for Samson provides life-saving care to the forgotten and misunderstood dogs of Texas left to fend for themselves on the streets or deemed too dangerous to ever be loved. Regardless of the level of need, we know that every dog deserves the chance to heal, no matter what it takes.

Here at Justice for Samson, we believe in second chances. This is why we aim to take in primarily large-breed dogs deemed dangerous, have a history of bite cases, or were found running through the streets with no hope for survival. These poor dogs are the most at risk of meeting untimely ends in shelters. Due to their size, large-breed dogs are less likely to be adopted and often sit in shelters for much longer than their smaller counterparts. We have also seen countless dogs with “bite” histories lose their lives unnecessarily due to false accusations or bites that occur as a result of being placed in a highly stressful environment. Finally, there are hundreds of dogs left to rot and die in the streets who would thrive in loving homes but are sadly never even given the chance.

These dogs are the hardest to place in adoptive homes, but that doesn’t make them any less deserving of happy lives. Sometimes, our dogs can take years to rehabilitate before being ready for adoption, while others become permanent residents with our rescue. Regardless of the level of need, we believe that every dog deserves the best we have to give. As a result, we have spent thousands on medical care and training in order to help these broken souls recover physically and emotionally from the traumas that they have endured. We are incredibly proud of the work that we do, but we operate on an extremely tight budget. With supplies dwindling and our medical fund running dangerously low, we have never been more in need of help to keep our dogs safe, healthy, and happy. 

If you can, please consider making a contribution to help us support the many dogs in need depending on us. We would also greatly appreciate any items donated from their Wishlist of much-needed supplies in order to replenish our stores. We could not continue this life-saving work without your invaluable support. Thank you for your compassion and generosity. 



With intake open... our expenses are rising. We often take in street dogs with no funding. We do not know vet history; many are malnourished and heartworm positive. We rely on your help!!

This month our spotlight shines on Mochi

We came across a Facebook post about a stray injured dog. We are full and was not accepting dogs. Especially not an injured dog. We were following the post. We knew the dog looked like a purebred Sheba Inu and thought she must belong to someone. No one on the post was trying to help the finder catch the dog or rescue. 

On day 3 we decided the dog could not continue in this field with an injured leg. We contacted the finder and told her we would take her in. I would not be available to trap her until Sunday.  Praise God ! on Saturday, I received a picture of sweet Mochi riding in the car with the finder. The finder went and picked up the foster.  they took Mochi to a vet clinic immediately. Mochi received her vaccinations, 4dx test, x-rays, blood work. And we discovered she had a chip. The microchip was not registered. That bill cost us over 800.00. We discovered her femur was broken but needed a plate not screws. 

Mochi has an appointment with Dr Mangum for surgery on her leg. This coming Tuesday 03/27/2024. Please say a prayer for our sweet girl. If you can spare some change. Please consider a donation in any amount. Our ways to donate are on the side bar.  We also have zelle. Our ZELLE is 8302652533 or email:




As always Thank you all for your support!!! We cannot help them without you.


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Justice for Samson has some exciting news coming up in the next few months. Stay tuned for more details.

We would like to welcome our new sponsors!!!  And volunteers. 

We are striving forward. Moving toward the prize of saving more lives!! Please help us to be a voice for the helpless. To save the many unwanted, abused, neglected, homeless animals in our community. With no animal control. These animals have no hope or help. Our entire country is in critical shape. Every animal rescue and shelter are overfull to the max. Dogs are dying daily. We can not help them without you. 

Please consider your tax free donation today. 

puppy kisses and tail wags: JFSAR



Thank you so much. Sincerely: Puppy Kisses and Tail Wags: JFSAR