Saving one paw at a time. Educating the public through adoption events.
Welcome to Justice for Samson Animal Rescue!

  Dreams do come true.....
With your help and support our dreams can come true. By helping our dreams come true. You are also helping animals dreams of having a furever home come true. 
Justice for Samson Animal Rescue is looking to purchase land to build a rescue facility. This new facility will include a building with runs. The dogs will have doggy doors and can be safe inside durung inclement weather. These Texas dogs will not be exposed to 100 degree tempertures. There will also be nice play yards for the dogs to enjoy play time, exercise and training . 
We are also going to include a small animal habitat  This will allow us to save cats as well as other small animals.
We have come up with some ideas for fundraising. Sponsirs will be able to purchase a kennel in honor of a beloved pet or loved one. There will be a plaque displayed on the kennel. 
Also the buildings will be memorial buildings for a set amount. You will have options for the plaques. We will also build a memorial sidewalk with stones of different sizes.  We know how important our pets are to us. They are family. And we would love the oppurtunity to honor your beloved pet. 
We have set up a money market savings account. This sccount is for donations only. If you would like to contribute. It is Zelle and the rescue phone number 830-265-2533
Please help us save more lives. Help us make our dreams come true. 
Thank you for your generous support 
Puppy kisses and tail wags: JFSAR
Thank you so much. Sincerely: Puppy Kisses and Tail Wags: JFSAR