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Many people have asked. What happened since we did not meet our 4,000 down payment. With a grateful heart. I am happy to say. We came to an agreement. I am now paying 1200.00 a month in lieu of the big down payment. So yes we are moved in. We still need fences to be put up as well as about 20-25 kennels to get out remaining dogs moved over from Shelter A Mutts property.

A long journey home!! ! DONATE NOW Share to help Orange Grove, TX To say the last 2 years have been a long hard road. Would be an understatement. It began with Covid. I lost a court battle for a place I had originally agreed to buy. I ended up with 7 days to move 37 dogs, myself, my personal dogs, kennels, fences, everything I owned. First things first. Where could i go with 37 dogs in tow. I had already spent the last year trying to buy or rent a place. With no opportunities. My credit score just was not high enough. I contacted another rescue. They were 350 miles away. I explained the situation. I told her i could stay in a motel close by. I would take care of my dogs. I just needed to rent kennels or runs. So happened this rescue had closed off a portion of the rescue. Two awesome transport teams took the dogs. I rented a huge uhaul for fences, kennels, etc. I could not hire anyone to break everything down and load it all up. Finally the last night. Some guys came out to load my fences and kennels. They ended up stealing my best equipment. I fell asleep. Trusting them. I ended up leaving all of my belongings behind. Including my clothes everything. Kennels, fences, gates, all of my rescue stuff. I was offered a rv on the same property as my dogs. I would work for the other rescue. I jumped at the offer . Yet i never stopped looking for a place in South Texas. My rescue began in South Texas . I believed this was where i belonged. Almost a year later. I finally found property to buy in Corpus Christi. I allowed the other rescue to adopt out my dogs. With the agreement. Any not adopted out within 30 days i would pick up. The property in Corpus was a disappointment to say the least. It was not liveable. The owner wanted me to rent and do all repairs myself. Including a roof, septic systems etc. I found myself in Corpus with 10 dogs and no place to go. The first night i slept in one of my fosters back yards. With the 10 dogs. The next day another rescue. Said he had a one room cabin with ac. Me and the dogs could stay in. This was just temporary. The cabin has no facilities. I would have to go to the office to shower and microwave food. I have been living in this situation for almost a year. I did go back to East Texas and brought the remaining dogs here. Everytime i found a place. The deal would fall through for one reason or another. I would get so excited. Just to be let down. Then i met a wonderful lady. I told her my goals, my business plan . The need for my services in our community. Come to find out. Her sister and family. Was letting a modular home go to foreclosure. Two weeks ago we began talking. They began contacting the mortgage lender to stop foreclosure. As of yesterday. 05/25/2022. Our dream is becoming a reality. We are purchasing a 4bed 2 bath in 10 acres. We need kennels and fencing. None exist presently. We have to pay a down payment of 4,000. By June 25, 2022. We need your help more than ever before. I will be pouring my paychecks in to this project. I have already filled out the application for electricity. That will be turned in tomorrow or Monday at the latest. This is our short term goal. Our long term goal is to offer a low cost spay, neuter, vaccinations clinic on site. The community has no animal control or animal services. I know i am asking for a lot. I just cant help thinking of all the animals that will be saved and go on to their furever home. More pictures t Donate to Journey Starting at $35 Give a monetary donation to help Journey. Your donation will go directly to Justice for Samson Animal Rescue to benefit Journey Fundraiser organizer and beneficiary Justice for Samson Animal Rescue Alice, TX Justice for Samson is a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue that helps save dogs from the streets and shelters. JFSAR was founded in 2017. In 2016 my bff was poisoned and three times. I was devastated. I began to foster in 2017. Fostering led me to desire a rescue of my own. I wanted to make a difference in these precious abandoned, discarded souls lives. We fully vet, microchip, housebreak and kennel train each dog before being placed up for adoption. This gives us time to temperament test as well. We often take the dumped dogs off the streets. Including from fighting rings. We pull the ones from the shelters other rescues won't touch. Usually for medical reasons or low donations.

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Justice for Samson has some exciting news coming up in the next few months. Stay tuned for more details.

We are excited to finally purchase our own land and home. 

We need your help more than ever. Please help us help them. Our main concentration right now is the down payment. 4,000 due by JUne 25th. And we can not move without putting fences and kennels up. Total cost is about 5,000. I do not qualify for a loan. And have filled out over 100 grant applications. I need a grant writer desperately.

Thank you all for supportsupporting us!!!


Thank you so much. Sincerely: Puppy Kisses and Tail Wags: JFSAR